What can I expect from a CoderDojo workshop?

A Dojo usually takes up about 3 hours. During the first 2.5hrs you will work on small assignments or projects. If you get stuck, you can ask one of our coaches for help. At CoderDojo we do not teach in the classical sense, but we coach each of you individually if you have a question. In this way we allow you to find the solution yourself  instead of just giving you the answer.

Will you be attending for the first time? At the start of the Dojo the coaches will give you a brief explanation of Scratch, so you can quickly set out expertimenting and learning yourself. Scratch is in fact a very visual and intuitive programming language that most of the beginners start with.

The last half hour we typically organize a “show and tell” during which you can show - if you want to - the project you have worked on during that Dojo. It is therefore a good idea to ask your parents to join half an hour before the end of the Dojo to see you and your fellow coders shine!

When can I participate in a Dojo?

Are you over 7 and under 18 years old? Do you like computers, games and (learning how to) code?

Then CoderDojo is perfect for you!

You do not need any specific knowledge, not even if you attend for the first time. The only requirement is that you are already able to read.

Can I really attend a Dojo for free?

Yes, you can! If you are aged between 7  and 18 years you can join CoderDojo at no cost whatsoever. We are able to organize the Dojo’s free of charge thanks to the selfless dedication of  our wonderful volunteers.

What do I need to participate in a Dojo?

Try your best to bring a laptop. If you do not have your own laptop, perhaps you can borrow one from your brother, parents, family … Please make sure you know the password!

If you are 12 years or younger, then it is a good idea that one of your parents joins you for the first time.
Next to that, don’t forget your good mood and agree to follow our one rule : be cool!

Do I have to sign up for a series of Dojo’s or can I attend just one to give it a try?

You are welcome to register for just one Dojo. Go to register and select the Dojo you want to join. After registration we will provide you with all the practical information. If you register, please don’t forget to come, and make sure you are on time.

What if I have registered but cannot make it after all?

Places are limited, so if you register and do not show up, that is a real pity for someone else who wanted to come but didn’t have a spot.
If you have to cancel please let us know in time by emailing your local Dojo or, better yet, by canceling your ordered ticket directly in EventBrite. That way, someone on the waiting list might still be able to join.

Do I have to bring an adult to the Dojo?

If you are under 12 years it is best to be accompanied by an adult, especially the first time. Parents of older children are welcome if they wish to join. We ask all participants to enter the email address and telephone number of the parent or guardian, so we have a direct contact in case of emergency.

If your parents can’t stay during the Dojo, be sure to ask them to join us again half an hour before the end. That way we have a maximal audience for the show and tell. By coming back a bit earlier your parents can also help with cleaning up, highly appreciated by our volunteers!

Will I be taught by qualified people?

CoderDojo is an initiative that is organized and run by volunteers – people with a passion for IT who are enthusiastic about inspiring young people and teaching them how to code. That is why you are able to join CoderDojo for free!

These coaches assist you during a Dojo. They explain, show and stimulate imagination and creativity. We do not require them to have a specialized degree, but we do expect them to be enthusiatic, show plenty of interest and have lots of knowledge to share.

What programming languages ​​or applications can I learn in a Dojo?

Almost every Dojo uses Scratch, an intuitive programming language developed by MIT that is accesible free of charge. Especially for beginners this is a great language to start with.

Depending on the expertise of the coaches in the local Dojo’s, there are other tracks available as well. In addition to Scratch, many offer Arduino, Minecraft , mbots , Lego Mindstorms or HTML / CSS as well. In some places you can even find PHP, Ruby, Unity or Raspberry Pi .
The philosophy of CoderDojo is to work as much as possible with open source or free software . That way we can continue to offer our Dojo 's for free and you can also easily continue coding at home.

Am I insured when I participate in a Dojo?

Yes, you are, provided that you give us all the (correct) information we ask for during your registration.


Do I need special training to be able to volunteer at CoderDojo?

You can help in two ways at your local Dojo: as a cook or as a coach.

Volunteering as a cook does not require any technical knowledge, since you would support in administration and logistics. For example, you could take care of registrations, answer questions from parents, welcome participants at the start of a Dojo, set up tables and chairs, hand out snacks and drinks,...

Additionally, CoderDojo Belgium is constantly looking for coaches to technically assist young people during the Dojo. We do not ask for a specialized degree, but we do expect you to have a passion for IT, some teaching skills and a drive to inspire young people and to teach them programming.

Enthusiasm, selfless dedication, a lot of interest and sufficient knowledge to share is much more important to us than your actual background.

In a nutshell, we expect coaches to have:

  • A passion for IT and / or technology and the enthusiasm to transfer this passion to others
  • A patient and open-minded personality
  • The desire to assist children in finding the solution themselves, instead of a “teacher” mentality in the classical sense
  • The time and motivation to dedicate yourself for maximum 3 hours once a month during the weekend to voluntarily assist children in discovering the world of programming and technology
  • Specialization in a particular domain (programming, web development, Arduino, Scratch) is nice, but not necessary

Would you like to help out as a cook or coach? Register here.

What investment will I be expected to make?

The only investment CoderDojo Belgium expects of its volunteers is their time. And a great desire to inspire young people.

Each Dojo aims to be open at least once a month for 3 hours. During the summer holidays most Dojo's take a summer break.

Will I be compensated for my work as a volunteer?

Your compensation is not of the financial kind. What you get in return for your enthusiasm and selfless dedication is gratitude. And appreciation, satisfaction, the twinkle in children’s eyes, friendship, recognition, a new hobby, pure fun, and so much more.

Do I need to commit to multiple activities?

It is not important to us how often you help out, as long as you do so with all your heart! Go to  Volunteer and sign up. We will then contact you to discuss the details.

Am I insured as a volunteer at CoderDojo Belgium ?

Yes you are. We have an extensive insurance policy that protects you during all your CoderDojo - related activities.

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