Due to the great success of last year, CoderDojo and employees of De Lift Education CoderDojo organized two new editions of the Pop-Up Dojo 4 ASS on Wednesday May 17 & 31! Since 3 years, De Lift offers customized education for young people with Autism and a heart for computer science. This means a method of teaching from the student's point of view, which is also the set-up for the Pop-Up Dojo: 2 hours of encoding fun, in small groups and without show & tell. During the latest session, 13 young people accompanied by 5 coaches spread over 5 rooms started programming with Scratch. Cindy Smits, the power behind this pop-up, designed a roadmap to get started easily. Because of the specific features of this Dojo, a family usually lives far and wide, so mom and dad can wait with coffee and cake and meet the enthusiastic teachers of De Lift. This initiative differs from another Dojo, but the task to make young people discover technology and to connect people seems to be a success!

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