CoderDojo Belgium regularly organizes special Dojo’s or events that are a bit different from our monthly Dojo 's. With these special Dojo's we try to reach a specific group or make CoderDojo even better known among the general public.

Below you can find a small overview of the activities we have done “on the side” over the past years.

Coolest Projects

To the Irish example, CoderDojo Belgium has been organizing 'Coolest Projects' since 2016. Children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 18 get a stage to introduce their own technological design to the public. They get a chance at winning great prices, yet participating is more important than wining. Every technological project is welcome at our event. Machines that sort Lego bricks, funny games in Scratch, mouse traps that send you a text message when you caught a mouse,… Whoever is participating is cool by definition.

We provide an afternoon full of entertainment for participants and visitors alike. Next to our fair, everyone can have a great time at our tech hang out and check out tons of cool tech stuff like 3D-printers, a hololens, a FabLab on wheels and a ‘Pepper’ robot.

Coolest Projects is, like everything else at CoderDojo, 100% free.

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CoderDojo4Girlz is a special yearly event for girls. For the 2021 edition Wallonia and Flanders will work together to make a big national event!
We notice that most of our participants on normal dojo’s are boys. Yet, everyone can code and girls are no exception to that. Therefore, we organize a special dojo for all Belgian girls and bring them in touch with our creativity on computergames, electronics and robots. Together with our coaches we display that coding can be cool and that there are many more possibilities than race games and shooters. Beginner or advanced, shy or enthusiastic, reader, sports fanatic or fashionista: at CoderDojo4Girlz there are no boundaries!


CliniCoders is an initiative that gives chronically-ill hospitalized children the chance to enjoy a few hours of coding fun. This project, which was initiated with the support of Telenet and X -care , already takes place in the hospitals of UZ Antwerp , UZ Ghent and AZ Groeninge . At UZ Gasthuisberg we have organized a first pilot project.

During CliniCoders the participating children are assisted by kid coaches, who - in turn - are being supported by an adult lead coach. In this way we also promote social interaction between the participants and the kid coaches during the CliniDojo.


On May 7th, 2015 CoderDojo Belgium organized its first Mega Dojo at the Limburghallen in Genk. In one day no less than 1024 youngsters learned programming in a fun and easy way.

This Mega Dojo focused on young people between 10 and 14 years old from all disciplines and backgrounds. At the Mega Dojo they did not only learn to program: during a show and exhibition of robots, Teslas , 3D printers , etc. , they got a taste of the fascinating world of technology and science.

We would like to thank our many sponsors and volunteers to turn the first Mega Dojo into a mega - success!