Welcome CoderDojo enthusiasts, CoderDojo is always looking for volunteers to help our kids
and yougsters discover the world of digits.

You can help out your local Dojo in two ways: as a cook or as a coach.

Volunteering as a cook does not require any technical knowledge at all, since you provide support in administration and logistics. This means taking care of registrations, answering e-mails from parents, receiving the participants at the start of a Dojo, setting up tables and chairs, providing snacks and drinks,... Cooks are the heroes and heroines of our Dojos and make sure everything is running smoothly.  

Additionally, CoderDojo Belgium is constantly looking for coaches to assist the children during the Dojo. We do not ask for a specific degree, but coaching does require a passion for IT, some teaching skills and the drive to inspire young people and to teach them programming. For us, enthusiasm, selfless dedication, genuine interest and sufficient knowledge to share, is much more important than your background.

Why volunteer at CoderDojo?

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Work with children

Regardless of whether you are helping out as a coach or as a cook, we can assure you that you will get a lot of satisfaction from one afternoon’s work with children. They show such a degree of creativity, enthusiasm and gratitude that even for volunteers time flies by!

Make your very own workshops

Do you have a technology or topic in mind for which we do not have any course material yet? Then you have the freedom to make one yourself! Imagine that you can pour all your technical passion into creating an awesome workshop and the rewarding feeling you will get when you see the children working with it.

Also, because we share all our material, other Dojo’s in the country can learn and benefit from your expertise and workshops. In this way, your contribution is incredibly valuable.

Mentor worden
Sounds like you and want to help? Become a volunteer

Personal development

One of the nicest things about CoderDojo is that you can also use this platform for your own development. Have you always wanted to learn something new, but haven’t got around to it yet? At CoderDojo you can take the time to make this learning discovery together with the children!

That way you learn something new and the children do too!

Community events

As a volunteer and proud member of the Belgian CoderDojo community you can regularly participate in activities throughout the country and even beyond. You will meet like-minded people and are a part of a fun group of passionate enthusiasts.

We regularly meet up through conferences, special Dojo’s and all sorts of events.

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You can start looking forward to: coaches meet-ups, knowledge sharing events, Coolest Projects, DojoCon, CoderDojo4Girlz,… You can find more info on these events here.

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