You would like to support CoderDojo? Great, as a volunteer organization, we can really use your help.

Next to extra volunteers, we are also in need of donated IT material for our kids to work with. The more hardware is provided by us, the more kids can participate in our Dojo’s.

Especially laptops, (Android) smartphones and usb-sticks come in handy. The only requirements for laptops is that they can connect to Wifi. We have a partnership agreement with Close The Gap, a non-profit organization that collects depreciated laptops and redistributes them to good causes. You can find their ‘second-chance’ laptops from Keerbergen to Kenia and everywhere they go, they open up the digital world to others. Close the gap makes sure every laptop receives a data wipe and recycle certificate so you don’t have to worry about sensible info that has remained on the laptops.

You can find more info on Close The Gap at their website:

Does your company have such material that is ready for a second life at CoderDojo? Don’t hesitate to fill in the form below.

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