Note down SUNDAY APRIL 25th 2021, cause then we will celebrate thé techfair for young makers between 7-18 years old: COOLEST PROJECTS BELGIUM 2021!



We choose to do an interactive online edition, themed: CoolllCare

You smart people of course noticed that the Roman number 2 can be spotted in the word so we can read it as: “Cool2Care”. And yeah, taht is cool, caring!

As well mental as physical health, wellbeing, aid, are very important, that's why we want to hand brilliant makers a theme, to 'hang' their coole projects on as a guide.

However, it's not a must to integrate this theme, imagination can still run wild!



Registrations open on MONDAY FEBRUARY 1st - WEDNEDAY MARCH 31st, via:

Other info on Coolest Projects Belgium 2021  can be found on this site as well.



As always, all projects are welcome: small, big, in full development or finished product, beginner or expert. Also, all technologies are welcome.



Be inspired by the projects of last year:



Questions on Coolest Projects Belgium 2021?

Contact us via: info@coolestprojects.b


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