On this page you will find more information about our diversity and inclusion activities. These special projects of CoderDojo Belgium are meant to give all young people in Belgium the opportunity to get in touch with coding, programming, robotics and the wide world of digital skills. This regardless of their background, gender or abilities.

The children who found the easiest way to CoderDojo Belgium turned out to be mainly boys and from the better middle class. We want to lower barriers and offer opportunities to everyone. After all, whatever their background, every child can possess digital talents and should be given the chance to develop them. We also want these children to have a step up to STEM studies and professions.




For who

We focus on these target groups:
- girls
- immigrant youths
- underprivileged youths
-  young people with a disability (mental or physical)
-  young people from other backgrounds or in any minority group

But we are actually doing it for all of us, because a diverse and inclusive community is a stronger community!

What we do

We partner with social organisations that already reach our target groups. Through their channels, we attract young people to our Dojo's. We do this in many ways. For example, we go to social organisations to organise a Dojo, and we actively promote an existing Dojo to young people in social organisations. We also support the staff of social organisations and students in their first work experience!


Why we do it

Equal opportunities  

Representation of society

STEM promotion

It is easier to come to a Dojo if you have a laptop at home, and if your parents lead the Dojo. Not everyone has that chance, but we do want to give everyone the chance to find access to digital skills. This way we want to increase the chances of a good further education, job opportunities and being part of the digital society!

We want CoderDojo to reflect society as much as possible. It consists of a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, diversities and genders. Girls, people with a disabilities, underprivileged, other cultures, you name it. This diversity is not just any old thing, so we want to put extra effort into it.

"Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics" is a field that is growing enormously. It attracts more and more students and creates new jobs every day all over the world. However, participation in society is not growing equally and there is still a gap to close. For figures, look here. With CoderDojo4All we are making our contribution to closing the worldwide "STEM Gap".


I would like to help ...


.. as a CoderDojo Ninja 

Are you a CoderDojo Ninja and eager to dedicate yourself to diversity in your Dojo? Very nice! Ask your friends about CoderDojo, take a picture and send it to: info@coderdojobelgium.be with your names and Dojo!

....as CoderDojo Coach  

If you are a CoderDojo coach and as enthusiastic as we are about diversity, your help is certainly welcome too! You can contact us with ideas or questions about how we can give your Dojo more diversity and registrations together. We are very happy to support you! Contact Lynn via info@coderdojobelgium.be

...as a Volunteer

Would you like to contribute to this beautiful project? Sure you can, whether you're good at IT or not. Enthusiasm is what counts! Our young people would love your commitment!
Register via our contact form: www.coderdojobelgium.be/en/become-volunteer. And we will help you as soon as possible.

...as a Partner Organisation

Would you like to partner with your organisation with CoderDojo? That is certainly possible, we would be happy to visit you, do a workshop within your operation or think together about a sustainable cooperation. We can also support your employees with our know-how. Contact Lynn via info@coderdojobelgium.be to see the possibilities together!

...as a Sponsor

Would you, as a company, like to contribute to this beautiful project? Our young people can and would love it! Contact Lynn via info@coderdojobelgium.be to see the possibilities together!


Some examples



One of our target groups is girls. For five years, we have been putting them in the spotlight during an event led and organised by STEM women and only for girls. This year is the party edition & we are doing a special tribute to Sandy who created this event under the name CoderDojo4Divas in Flanders. Meanwhile, under the #coolgirlscode, we organize the event at two locations north and south of the language border with CoderDojoBelgium.




Thanks to a collaboration with the ASS school De Lift, we help organise special Dojo's for young people in the spectrum. We developed specific theme boxes with exercises and hardware to inspire them!


CoderDojo Fedasil

With Fedasil and Red Cross centres, we aim to reach families with children and Unaccompanied Minors Refugees and make them digitally proficient. We go by for a pop-up and afterwards lead the children and young people to a CoderDojo in the neighbourhood. This gives them extra digital opportunities and integration possibilities.



Do you have any questions or suggestions?

All help is welcome! Be sure to contact us at info@coderdojobelgium.be

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