Protection of your personal data - Privacy Statement - CoderDojo Belgium VZW established at 1030 Schaarbeek, François Rigasquare 16, registered under number 0523.889.476 (“CoderDojo Belgium”).

1. General provisions

CoderDojo Belgium VZW is a not for profit organization established at 1030 Schaarbeek, François Rigasquare 16, registered under number 0523.889.476 (“CoderDojo Belgium”)

Access to and/or the use of the website ( and/or the information placed there, such as messages and/or comments, and of the services provided through same ("Website") implies that you, as a visitor/user:

  1. Acknowledge to have been informed about all conditions and limitations mentioned therein, and agree to them fully.
  2. Authorize CoderDojo Belgium to collect, process and (allow to) use your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Statement and of the currently applicable legislation for the protection of privacy with respect to the processing of personal data ("Privacy Law").

This Privacy Statement can at all times be changed. We therefore recommend you check it from time to time.

2. Use, collection, and processing of personal data

  1. Certain fields on the Website can or should be filled out to provide CoderDojo Belgium with the information required for its operations, such as the email address, first name, last name, gender, address, telephone number, age, which the visitor/user has placed or exchanged on or through the Website.
  2. The visitor/user warrants that the data he/she has communicated are correct and complete. Communicating false identities, incomplete or incorrect data, or data that belong to third parties who have not authorized the visitor/user to do so, can lead to temporary or permanent, full or partial denial of access to the Website for the visitor/user.
  3. Registering on the Website, and filling out the fields that request the personal data above, make the data immediately available to CoderDojo Belgium. CoderDojo Belgium collects, uses, and processes these data for their own purposes to:
    • a) identify the visitor/user, to allow him or her to communicate with other visitors/users through the Website, in short to use the Website and all of its functionalities;
    • b) understand his or her needs, and based on that, to improve the Website and its offer, and to ask him or her about the Website or about topics of interest to CoderDojo Belgium;
    • c) use them for marketing purposes, specific to the operation of the organization;
    • d) further inform the visitor/user about the activities and developments of the Website and about the operation of CoderDojo Belgium;
    • e) to provide the visitor/user with updates, newsletters, marketing materials and other information that could be relevant;
    • f) ask the visitor/user questions about services and activities, and to answer them;
    • g) perform searches;
    • h) to comply with applicable legislation;
    • i) to meet the conditions of the public authorities that support CoderDojo Belgium financially.

CoderDojo Belgium does not use these data for commercial purposes or to secure sponsoring from commercial organizations.

  1. CoderDojo Belgium cannot be held responsible for third-party use of personal data belonging to the visitor/user. The Website can for instance contain links to third-party websites or advertising, through which personal data are being collected.  The responsibility for the collection and processing of such data lies not with CoderDojo Belgium, but with the relevant advertiser or website manager to which the visitor/user has surfed.

For instance, CoderDojo Belgium uses Everbrite Inc. services to manage registrations for the different dojos. The Everbrite Inc. privacy statement and general terms and conditions can be found on or by searching for "Privacy" on their website.

CoderDojo Belgium will not store the data above longer than required for their operations.

3. The right to object, check, correct, and to obtain information

  1. As a visitor/user you have the legal right to object, at no charge to you, to the use or the processing of your personal data.
  2. As a visitor/user you also have the right to check and demand the correction or deletion of your personal data, at no charge to you.
  3. You can address your objection, your requests for correction or deletion, or any other question regarding the processing of your personal data to CoderDojo Belgium, Liersesteenweg 4, 2800 Mechelen or with an email to, provided you can establish your identity (copy of your identity card).

4. Safeguarding

CoderDojo Belgium is responsible for the processing of your personal data. CoderDojo Belgium undertake to the best of their ability, to take all reasonable measures to safeguard your personal data as a visitor/user of the Website through technical security regulations and an adequate security policy for their employees. The personal data you have provided through the Website are not stored on the Website, but can be stored on CoderDojo Belgium's servers in Belgium. You acknowledge and accept that the transmission of personal data over the Internet is never without risk, and that therefore any damage you may suffer through inappropriate third-party use of your personal data cannot be recovered from CoderDojo Belgium.

5. Cookies

Cookies can be used in certain areas of the Website to record certain information regarding the usage of the Website by visitors/users and their preferences, and to optimize the Website and align it with the needs of returning visitors/users, insofar as required for the optimal operation of the Website. CoderDojo Belgium will not use cookies to track the surfing behavior of visitors/users on other websites.

Cookies are small text files sent to your browser by CoderDojo Belgium's server, each time you visit the Website. Depending on your browser settings, cookies are stored or rejected. If stored, CoderDojo Belgium's server can recognize your computer. When you return to the Website at a later time, and a password is required for certain functions, a cookie avoids having to re-enter your data. In principle, cookies are no threat to your computer, because they are text files, and not executable applications. If you block cookies, you may be unable to use certain applications. You can block cookies as follows:

  1. Internet Explorer:
  2. Chrome:
  3. Firefox:
  4. Safari:

Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies. It is however possible, depending on the users' personal configuration, that users don't want to accept cookies. If the storage of cookies is refused in that case, you may as a user not be able to access the Website.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

  1. By accessing the Website, you as a visitor/user agree that all matters between you as a visitor/user and CoderDojo Belgium pertaining to this Website, including privacy-related issues, are subject to Belgian law exclusively.
  2. Any dispute pertaining to this Website shall be brought before the courts of Mechelen exclusively, to the exclusion of any other court.


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