On this page you will find more information about our CliniCoders and CliniMakers projects. These special projects by CoderDojo Belgium are the work of Rudi Maelbrancke & daughters: they came up with the idea of ​​taking CoderDojo to a sick classmate by visiting them in the hospital. The social aspect of these projects make it very beautiful and noble initiatives that we are happy to support!




What we do

CliniCoders brings CoderDojo to chronically ill children in hospitals. Our young CoderDojo members spend one afternoon a month with their peers in the hospital, whilst initiating them into programming and making technology accessible to them.


Why we do it

The child in control

Welcome distraction

Young coaches

Children that are long-term admitted in the hospital are often going through hard times. They often feel powerless during that period because a lot of decisions are taken without consulting them. We try to give them back control! Together with a Clini-Coach we teach them how to control a robot all by themselves.

Gaming, mobile phones and tablets are a welcome distraction for chronically ill children. With our CliniCoders, however, we go one step beyond: we put aside their own mobile phone or tablet and they get a different tablet and robot in return. From playing games, to making games!

We prefer to work with young coaches. We don't only notice that youngsters learn from each other more easily, but also that it is very nice to get in touch with peers again in addition to all those adults in the hospital.


I would like to help


  • ... as a CoderDojo Ninja 

Are you a CoderDojo ninja, 10 years or older and eager to engage as a CliniCoder for your (long-term) sick peers?

Great! Ask your parents to send us an email to clinicoders@coderdojobelgium.be with your name, date of birth, place of residence and the number of years of experience you have at CoderDojo! We will then check whether and where there is a place available in your neighbourhood.

Note: The number of CliniCoder places is limited. Our CliniCoders are currently active at the University Hospital (UZ) in Ghent. In addition, we are also setting up a new CliniCoder project in Aalst and we are trying to convince other hospitals to start a CliniCoder Dojo as well! We cannot guarantee that you will be able to get started as a CliniCoder quickly, but we keep you informed as soon as there are places available!

  • ...as a CoderDojo Coach 

Are you a CoderDojo coach and excited as well to help?

Your help is more than welcome! You can register through our volunteer form. To the question "Which Dojo do you want to join?" you mention CliniCoders. We will contact you to see how we can engage you within the project.

  • ...as a Sponsor 

Is your company willing to sponsor this beautiful project? That's possible! Our CliniCoders would be very thankful. You can mail  info@coderdojobelgium.be  in order to discuss the possibilities.




Thanks to "The Warmste Week" and a lot of sympathizers, Clinicoders received an extra boost in 2019, enabling the initiators to expand their activities even further. This is how the CliniMakers initiative was created.


What we do

The Clinimakers project aims to encourage young makers to develop technological solutions for children who are ill or who live with a disability. Preferably, the young maker has contact with a child who is suffering from the illness or disability for which he or she comes up with the solution, so that he / she can also involve that child in the development. This way, the sick child or child with a disability learns about coding and you both are having fun with it!


How can you do it?

  • You register using the form below
  • We'll assess and approve the projects on a monthly basis
  • If your project gets approved, we order and pay the material you need to develop your solution/product.
  • You will have the opportunity to present your solution at our annual Coolest Projects event and maybe you will win a nice prize?!
  • If you want to commercialize your solution, we try to help you by opening our network to you
(You don’t have to be an active member of the CoderDojo-movement. Everyone can enter this project)
(if needed, you can specify this more during the later stages of the project)
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