Do you feel like starting a new Dojo? What a great idea! Tell us all about it at and we will help you get started!

CoderDojo Belgium supports the Belgian CoderDojo community with educational materials such as course booklets, laptops, Arduino's, .., all sorts of promotional material, an extensive insurance and a large network with lots of know-how.

In 'How to Start a Dojo' you can read through some handy tips, but please already keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Let us know you would like to start a new CoderDojo via
  • CoderDojo is free: we do not charge an entrance fee
  • CoderDojo is open to everyone, including children from neighbouring towns
  • CoderDojo is extracurricular and non-commercial. Therefore a Dojo can only be hosted in a "neutral" public space and not in a school or company
  • A local Dojo is solely responsible for the recruitment of volunteers. You will need about two coaches per five children to start. Within your pool of coaches you will also need one or more lead coaches to coordinate the group of coaches.
  • A local Dojo is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Dojo regarding registrations and logistics. Ideally, next to a lead coach you appoint at least one cook that provides this administrative and logistical support.
  • For insurance and subsidy purposes, we ask you to make use of our registration tool, if you want to set-up a new CoderDojo.

Can't wait to create an awesome new CoderDojo? Register via and we will help you get started!

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