Programming is fun! Clinicoders wants to bring that fun to kids and youngsters who can’t attend a CoderDojo because of an illness or disabilities and help them discover the fantastic world of technology.

The cool thing about Clinicoders is that the programming workshops are not given by adults. Instead, some young CoderDojo coders gladly spend their free Wednesday afternoons inside hospital walls to guide kids into the digital world. This contact among peers is one of the cornerstones of the Clinicoders initiative and promotes social interaction. By going on a digital quest together, these young patients have the opportunity to learn something new and escape doctors and pills for a while. During a CoderDojo, they can just be a kid again.


Thanks to ‘De Warmste Week’ and some sympathizing benefactors, Clinicoders got a financial boost in 2019, enabling the initiators to expand their activities with Clinimakers.


The project Clinimakers want to encourage young makers to develop technological solutions for kids with an illness or disability. Preferably, the young maker is in contact with the kid he/she wants to help so they can work on the solutions together. That way they can both learn from this project and enjoy the experience together.


How can you submit a project for Clinimakers?

  • Apply via the registration form below.
  • every month, we review the submitted applications and approve them.
  • If we approve your project, we order and pay the material you requested for your project.
  • In April 2020, you get the opportunity to present your project at the Coolest Projects Belgium technology fair where you can win a cool prize.
  • If you want to start commercializing you project, we will help you by opening up our network for you.
(You don’t have to be an active member of the CoderDojo-movement. Everyone can enter this project)
(if needed, you can specify this more during the later stages of the project)
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